Intensive photography course

“The art of looking”.
A photo is not what you see


The ARCKEiA photography course is designed for beginner and amateur photographers who seek to understand and increase their photographic technique by examining the most particular corners of the eighth art and putting into practice the techniques learned in the most unexpected and versatile places.

Initially, the ARCKEiA student can perfectly master the manual functions of his camera to increase his creative potential; The elements that make up sensorial and sensorial knowledge that will provide images with great attraction force are also studied.

On the other hand, to approach the techniques of postprocessing and to develop that to the student the correct one, the digital treatment of his images and the consequence of the optimum result of the same ones.

The final part of the course will consist of 2 practices in the field where the acquired knowledge will be applied in a more dynamic and creative way.

The locations we have visited have been selected by our producers to help with a high pictorial and cultural potential that most likely implies adventure.

The ARCKEiA program does not require previous knowledge of photography and the willingness to enter a more versatile perception of the world, the design of our academic technique generates a perfect balance between theory and practice, so that concepts are understood and know how to apply the techniques learned immediately.


In general terms, the student will be able to master the concepts of speed, aperture, ISO, dynamic range, exposure, description, angle, framing, depth and perspective, achieving high impact photographs.

The main ambition of our instructors is to generate in our students a new way of seeing the world, giving them the ability to recognize pictorial opportunities, high impact scenes and creative alternatives.

Likewise, the student is presented with the use of digital tools for creative assistance, development and postprocessing so that he / she can perform, manage, organize, edit and correct the created images.

General information

Small groups and personalized classes, detailed attention and follow-up.

The course will last 4 sessions (3 hours one) plus additional sessions of photographic practice.

The dates and times of the sessions are in agreement with the participants.

The cost of the course is $ 3,000.00. MXN for the six sessions of the course.

If you prefer deferred payments by credit card, the costs are the following:

– 1 month / 3100 + VAT (if you need an invoice)
– 3 months / 3170 + VAT (if you need an invoice)
– 6 months / 3290 + VAT (if you need an invoice)
– 9 months / 3370 + VAT (if you need an invoice)
– 12 months / 3470 + VAT (if you need an invoice)

It includes photographic instruction, didactic material, publication of the best photo of the student in the Arckeia art gallery and coffee or tea services.

The price does not include VAT or expenses generated in foreign practices.

Forms of payment: cash, bank transfer, credit card, PayPal.

If you want to register in our course, leave us your information and our team will contact you: