About Bernardo Arciga

As a prominent corporate lawyer, fluency in legal technique and the graduation of postgraduate programs in Mexico and abroad, so that Bernardo has been easy to continue along the conventional line that molds him and educates the most distinguished technocrats of our times ; However, adherence to the humanistic and artistic convictions that during his life have been his essence and after the cultural impulse injected by his alma mater (UNAM), Bernardo has become an essential part of the waters of professional inertia, being an accomplished professional in the world of phenomena, but above all, an artist whose appetite for traveling, knowing, experiencing and living in a few words insatiable.
Bernardo has explored his artistic side since he was very young, doing residencies in Vancouver, Buenos Aires and Madrid, as well as in various photographic workshops in countries such as Germany, Argentina, Austria, Bahamas, Belize, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Spain , United States, France, Holland, Italy, The Vatican, Norway, Peru, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Switzerland and of course Mexico.

Currently as the founder of Arckeia, his work focuses on the inter-institutional linkage and the management of philanthropic programs and campaigns of cultural diffusion that permeate art in its different manifestations within sectors that, due to circumstantial factors, become blinded, prioritizing the urgent over the important.
So we are facing an individual who has learned to decant what is truly valuable in life and to abstract through photography, everything that makes us free and everything that humanity returns to us lost in the inertia of being.

Works of Bernardo Arciga